Saturday, 29 September 2012

Family Haircuts

It's way overdue! So today, was family haircut day. Even Papa got involved. We cut a lock from Zac's gorgeous blonde locks (which Georgie covets!) for the scrapbook. Here are a few pics from the fun...

Poor wee fella, he has such a nasty cold right now,
no sooner do I wipe, the boogey's are back!

Our lil' dude, looking beyond cute with his
new haircut and rather chuffed with himself too! :)

Zac Haircut
He looks so sweet here, such an expectant face. :)

Zac's Haircut
When we asked Zachy if he liked his new haircut, he shook his
head and said no! He was a little disillusioned with the process!! 
I snapped him here just as he was saying no with a big 'harumph', LOL. 

Georgie's Haircut
My big girl was vehemently against having a haircut, until the process 
was essentially done and she realised how lovely she looked!!

Then it was mama's turn...
Haircut with Rochina

My mad mop well overdue a chop!
WNJ Midcut

My self portrait trying to capture the layers of the new cut...
WNJ Self Portrait

The hubby's shot of my new locks is a tad better than mine :)
WNJ Haircut

I've had Georgie off school with a fever for the last two days, so hadn't been out to get pennies sorted for our lovely hairdresser, so I had to make a mad dash to the money machine whilst Greg was getting his haircut. So there are no photos of that, but I did manage to tear him away from his recording, long enough to snap a few pics of my gorgeous hubby too.



He'll be horrified that I've put up two pics of him, but I couldn't choose which was best and he's not looking bad for an old fulla! LOL :)