Thursday, 25 October 2012

House Stress

Mmmkay, so it's fair to say this lil' house is full of stress right now. Can't book the tickets home until the house is actually sold, and the selling process has not been as smooth as we'd hoped. 

So just wanna be booking our tickets to New Zealand and planning our last days here in the wonderful UK which has well and truly become a second home to us these past 13 years. The parting will be bittersweet, so many beautiful friends we are leaving behind and so many wonderful memories we are taking home. But the pull of home gets stronger for me each year and with two little British babies to teach the ways of the Kiwi clans, it's definitely time to return down under!

Off to Sweden next week, probably for the last time before going home. Our heartstrings are tethered to that country now thanks to a certain wonderful Scandinavian family. But don't get me started, no tears, no tears, no tears, oh dang, you know it's gonna happen!!!

Right, lawyers to phone, estate agents to wrangle, on with the day...

Just for a little eye candy, here's a 'blast from the past' pic of my sweet Georgie aged about 4 taken in our old apartment. She used to love fairy dress up! Sweet sweet memories in that lil' home.

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