Friday, 30 November 2012

House Has Exchanged! Woohoo!!

After a lot of stress, sleepless nights and furniture crammed into our tiny rental apartment to save on storage costs, we have finally exchanged on our house! Not an easy or pleasant process, but oh so satisfying to get to this point.

We are set to complete on Monday, so fingers crossed there'll be no delays. But so far, all has not run smoothly, but let's just hope this one goes off without a hitch.

13 years in the UK, 8 in our lovely wee North London pad. Needless to say it will be a bittersweet goodbye. So many memories and wonderful experiences. Both our babies were born here and brought home to this little flat. Georgie is quite upset about 'her house' being sold. So there's been lots of talk of all the exciting things New Zealand has to offer and the cousins she'll get to know and be able to hang out with. So the blow is being softened, but it's still a lot for a little 7 (almost 8) year old to take in.

Georgie lost another tooth on Wednesday during the day at school and was so proud to show us when she got home. She forgot to take it out of her book-bag though and I fell asleep when I was putting Zac to bed that night, as I was so shattered from racing around with stressful things relating to the house sale. She was so crest-fallen the next morning and buried her head under the covers refusing to get up until the tooth fairy visited. Guilt trip well and truly laid on Mama, you'd think I would be on the ball the following night. But no, the tooth fairy had to visit (in drag) because I fell asleep again putting Zac to bed! To put this in context, I'm a night-owl, so I don't usually fall asleep at that time and it's only that I'm so shattered from all the stress of preparing and selling the house, that I have been falling asleep putting Zachy to bed and just haven't been able to get up again, even when Greg's tried to wake me!! Totally out of character for me. So when Greg realised I hadn't done the tooth fairy visit again, he made sure that it was sorted, even venturing out to the car (where he thought there was small change) in the freezing conditions we've had the past few nights! Basically being my hero - love that!!!

So much going on right now, it's hard to keep track of everything, but I know I have to keep up with the little things, because that's what mama's do... but right now, my pillow's calling, so night y'all xxx

Pics of my wee girlie and her yummy hot chocolate from a little 'movie with mama date' last Saturday morning. She was so chuffed with her treats that day and we had a really lovely outing just the two of us. :)