Sunday, 6 January 2013

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

The house has sold - woohoo! The flight path has been chosen, but not yet paid for, as we're still waiting for the kiddos New Zealand citizenship papers to arrive. Time is ticking away! We're supposed to be leaving this rental property on the 15th Jan, which happens to be our 19th wedding anniversary!!! Oh my, it's all go here. I just can't wait to be all organised and boarding the plane for the first leg of our journey. New York and our lovely Aussie pals, here we come! But for now, here's reality...

Christmas has been fabulous, spent with friends we love very much. Here are a few pics of our munchkins enjoying their pressies and the general festivities of the day.

Georgie was rather chuffed with her pink Nintendo DS!

The kiddos had great fun making a rather fabby gingerbread house.

Yummy spoily treats from Harrods!

This Christmas cake was almost too pretty to slice into!

Zac's favourite toy! There was quite a lot of 'pirate speak' Christmas day!!

Well that's all for today me hearties. I'll update again once we have some news of our departure date. Hugs from us all xxxx