Wednesday, 27 February 2013

We're here!!!

We've made it back to our homeland and we're loving the long Kiwi summer days. This Kiwi summer is awesome! So many days of sunshine since we've been back, I'm forgetting what the rain smells like! It's a stark contrast to the soft white snow we left behind in London. I wonder how long it'll be before I miss that? Too soon to tell!!!

Georgie and Zac - leaving London in the snow!

Our life in boxes! You realise all that matters in the end is the ones you're left standing with!!!

Zachy and I watching as the shippers get ready to put our car up in the container.

Next stop was New York.
Georgie with her buddy Aaliyah in Times Square.

A pic taken by my sis Becky in LA - half way home to NZ

The kiddos are loving it here, being in nature and surrounded by family. It's blissful! But the house hunt is proving a little more stressful than we'd hoped. The property prices in Auckland are outrageous!!! I can't wrap my head around having to spend $1,000,000 for a property. I don't fancy spending anywhere near that, so 'dream home' may have to give way to 'okay family home'. Oh well, where ever we end up, and in what ever house, there'll still be plenty of room for visitors, so bring on the Scandinavian and UK mates visits!!!

In the meantime, we're really blessed to be staying with my brother Vaughan and his partner Shane. Who are taking awesome care of us and have made us feel really at home. Thanks guys, you rock!

So much to look forward to now we're home, two weddings, lots of family get togethers and today, is my baby girls 8th birthday. Woohoo!! Happy Birthday my beautiful girl, Mama's super proud of you!

I have to go make birthday cake, so catch you all later, mwah xxx

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  1. OMGoodness it is such a long way to go, maybe one day when I win the lotto I will move near you, your so lucky, it is raining freezing and very foggy dull and depressing, I hope your somewhere near unpacked and sorted now...

    Huggles Pops x